It’s a Great Weekend for Baseball in Iowa
It’s a great weekend for baseball in Iowa.  There may not be a meaningful game being played between the Mississippi and the Missouri but it doesn’t mean baseball won’t be on our minds.  Tonight kicks off the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Field of Dreams and Saturday, college baseball’s best kick off the College World Series.
Sure, the College World Series is not technically in Iowa, but it’s just a short drive from Des Moines and a pedestrian bridge walk from Council Bluffs.  Sadly, I haven’t been to a College World Series yet, but hope to soon.  No sport is benefiting more by the increase in sports outlets than College baseball and more games than ever are on TV.  As a result, more and more of the top High School players in the country are opting for College.  The quality of baseball in Omaha will only get better and we as Iowans are lucky to have such a great sporting event so close.
There may be an even more memorable experience for baseball fans a few hours in the other direction.  The 25th Anniversary Celebration for the movie Field of Dreams is taking place in Dyersville and Dubuque, kicking off tonight with a discussion and viewing of the movie on the field.  What better time than Father’s Day weekend to hold such a celebration for a movie about a father and son reunited by baseball.  The weekend kicks off with a question and answer session with the actors, including the lead Kevin Costner being led by Bob Costas.  You could argue that there are no bigger celebrity ambassadors for the game of baseball than Costner and Costas.  Costner, whose credits include baseball classics Bull Durham and For the Love of the Game along with Field of Dreams, is also known to be a big supporter of baseball throughout Southern California at all levels. 
The debate over the best baseball movie is a common one and has been known to fill hours of sports radio or television over the summer and Field of Dreams is always included.  What I love about this movie, besides that it’s filmed in Iowa, is that it shows just how wide of a reach the sport can have.  It takes you through the story of a young man growing up in the shadows of Ebbets Field to a young man struggling through the low minor leagues to finally get his shot and finishes with a man who just wants to play catch with his dad one more time.  I won’t get out to Dyersville for the celebration this weekend, but there’s a very good chance I’ll throw Field of Dreams into the DVD player once again.