Orioles’ superstar Manny Machado had a BAD weekend.  In a heated series between the Orioles and A’s over the weekend, young star Manny Machado objected to a couple of brush back pitches thrown by A’s pitcher Fernando Abad.  His response was an attempt to throw his bat to the mound on a late swing at a pitch inside.  The bat ended up landing safely down the third base line and both benches cleared.  This is an absolute Bush League move by Machado and the fact that he missed his target by over 50 feet shows just how dangerous this move was.  The A’s were upset that Machado had twice hit catcher Derek Norris, the second one forcing him out of the game.  After watching the video and several other swings of Machado it’s hard to tell if these were on purpose.  In a number of Machado’s swings he seems to have an abbreviated, high follow through.  The thing that makes Machado look like an absolute tool is that he shows no concern for Norris, who is clearly shaken up.  I have NEVER seen a batter completely ignore a catcher after incidental contact and Machado just looks away stone-faced.  Manny has some reputation repair to do…


In my Friday blog (http://www.kxno.com/onair/extra-innings-48243/are-mlb-fans-ready-to-close-12433885/) I mentioned that the fan’s reaction to the last week’s All Star real time results would show if they are ready to put the steroid era behind them or not.  At the time, both Melky Cabrera and Nelson Cruz were the leading vote getters at their position.  Since that update both have seemed to pad their leads.  Point made fans, point made.


Former Tiger, Ranger, Blue Jay, Brewer, Mets player Frank Catalanotto (@fcat27) had a chainsaw sculpture done in his yard over the weekend and tweeted out a picture.  It’s pretty sweet and now I am insanely jealous.  Does anyone know a good chainsaw guy?


The Yankees drafted and signed West Virginia pitcher Sean Carley (@SeanCarley23) over the weekend.  He will report to Staten Island where unfortunately, due to Yankees organization rules, he will have to trim his glorious mullet and facial hair.  You just can’t help but love this guy’s resemblance to HBO superstar Kenny Powers



The College World Series kicks off this week in Omaha and the Big 12 will send three of its nine teams: Texas, Texas Tech, and TCU.  The state of Texas had four teams in a Super Regional when you add Houston; the state of Florida had ZERO.  Big Ten newcomer Maryland makes their first trip to Omaha in… well; let’s just say it’s been a LONG time.   Vanderbilt, Louisville, UC Irvine, and Ole Miss round out the field.