OkCupid utilizes a location-based service and proposes potential paramours within a certain radius.


A location-based dating app, Tinder works in tandem with your Facebook account, snatching info (friends, likes, etc.) and sorting matches based on shared friends and interests. 

How About We

How About We is more about having fun than having a symmetrical face. Propose a date idea and wait for someone with similar interests to respond or peruse a selection of already posted suggestions and respond to the one that meshes best with your sensibilities.


Created as a way to take the complications out of online dating apps, Pure's tagline is "dates right now," but "dates" might be a euphemism.


Grouper lets two sets of people mingle casually. Find two friends, select a few dates that month that work for all of you, and the app matches your set with a potential group of the opposite sex.