I'm thrilled to announce that Hunter Kemper 4 time Olympian Triathlete will be on my show tonight.  Hunter is one of the nicest men I've ever met. We will be talking about his new partnership with a chicken hatchery in Webster City, his family, his relationship with his wife and how he makes that work, his training schedule, and anything my listeners want to talk to him about.

Hunter and I have 2 things in common, we are both triathletes (he is great and I get by and praise God when I make it to the finish line) and both of our lives have been changed when we met a family with children who have a horrible disease.

I was first introduced to A-T from the Champion family here in Iowa, Greg and Joni have 3 daughters, but 2 of them are carriers of this disease.  I fell in love with the family, but especially Paige and Alex.

I had the honor to go to Walt Disney World with Hunter and put on my "Special Needs Apprentice Program" for this great group of kids. pictures and a description can be found at www.heytana.com