1. POSTURE, Man tip: Walk upright, don’t slouch and be confident being YOU.
  2. LOOKS, Man tip: Make the best of what you’ve got and highlight your strong points.
  3. MANNERISMS, Man tip: Keep arrogance and rudeness off the menu and save aggression for the sports arena.
  4. DRESS SENSE, Man tip: Refresh your wardrobe with at least two good outfits e.g. a good suit and a nice pair of jeans and shirt.
  5. GROOMING, Man tip: Invest in some good male grooming products and use them regularly.
  6. SMELL, Man tip: Shower and brush your teeth daily and use some decent deodorant. I know I say it a lot, but cologne goes a long way here guys!!
  7. BODY, Man tip: Do some regular exercise that you enjoy to stay in shape.
  8. WHO HE'S WITH, Man tip: Keep good company!
  9. SKIN, Man tip: Drink plenty of water and don’t think that skin care products are for females only.
  10. VOICE, Final tip: Relax when you speak and remember… being a gentleman never goes out of style.