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QUICK HIT: NASCAR's latest miscue

By Joe Quinn (@joequinnshow)

Kevin Harvick may have won the Coca Cola 600 on Sunday, but the biggest moment in the race may not have been the final lap.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In one of the most bizarre red flag situations I've ever seen, NASCAR was forced to stop the race after a TV camera cable broken, damaging several cars as they drove by at close to 200 MPH. 

Ten people we also injured in the incident.

Several cars, including race leader Kyle Busch at the time, suffered sheet metal damage. 

It was a totally random event - something nobody could predict - that happened to damage several cars in the process. 

What grinds my gears (pardon the auto racing pun), and gives even more fuel to the "NASCAR is fixed" camp, is officials decided to STOP THE RACE, and give everyone 15 minutes to repair their cars. 

While I understand it's an unfortunate event, how is it any different then someone in the stands throwing a piece of junk on the track that damages a car?  Or like we say at Daytona a few years back when the TRACK ITSELF starting flying apart and damaged several cars?

What about when someone in front of you wrecks, say at Talladega, and you get caught up?  Not your fault, but you get penalized.  Or say if a piece of sheet metal flies off the car in front of you, and tears your car apart?  I don't see too many red flags with a free 15-minute repair session in those circumstances. 

NASCAR had no choice but to stop the race, while repairs were made to the TV cables.  But they made a major mistake in allowing teams time to make repairs under the red flag. 

It's racing man - cars get hit by stuff that causes damage all the time, and I just don't see what made this any different.   Its unfortunate, but its just a part of the game.