Big 12 Players Site West Virginia, Texas Tech As Worst Places To Play

What's worse: tortillas and batteries and cockroaches and orange air - or hostile environments, ruthless fans and a no-filter stadium?

That's how Big 12 players boiled down the decision on their least favorite place to play while at Big 12 media days last week. The ruthless fans won out, placing West Virginia's Mountaineer Field first among players' least favorite places to visit during the season. Texas Tech's Jones AT&T Stadium, site of tortillas and battery-throwing apparently, came in a close second.

"I say worst," one player said of Tech fans' tendency to throw things, "but it's kind of fun. But technically, if you think about it, it's the worst."

But players say it goes beyond the ruthless fans and flying objects.  Some say they've been racially taunted during games as well.


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