Chris Christie Grips Nachos, Gets In Cubs Fan's Face: "You're A Big Shot"

Chris Christie is, at this point in his political career, a buffoon.  A ridiculous but amusing person. A clown. No one in New Jersey respects the lame duck governor at all, which means he’s apparently free to take his particular carnival act on the road, including a stop at Miller Park for today’s Cubs-Brewers clash.

He’s been attending quite a few baseball games of late, including making a decent snag of a foul ball (off the bounce, but still) at a Mets game, which resulted in Christie being roundly booed by the majority of the stadium.  Sunday, that heckling carried over, but Christie was emboldened by the fact that he was in away from home, and decided to get in the face of a Cubs fan who was presumably one of the hecklers.




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