Dayton Basketball Player Had A Very Bad Not Good Night

Sam Miller, a junior forward for the Dayton Flyers, was allegedly involved a cascading series of incidents this weekend, first at a local bar, then outside of said bar, and finally in a county jailhouse. As the Dayton Daily News first reported, Miller’s troubles started early Sunday morning at Caddy’s Taphouse in Beavercreek, Ohio. (Per the top Yelp review: “This place is a half step up from your chain sports bars.”)

After a bartender told Miller he had been cut off, he allegedly “knocked all the glasses off the bar and pushed her,” according to a police report. Security personnel tossed Miller from the bar, and police were called after Miller allegedly pushed the security officer and had to be restrained. When the cops showed up, he allegedly resisted their attempts to put him in a car and kicked a car door.




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