Nats Pitcher And UVA Grad Sean Doolittle Doesn't "Stick To Sports"

On Saturday, reactions were numerous about the Charlottesville riot composed of Nazis and white supremacists protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue and counter-protesters who were against them. One counter-protestser was killed, along with 19 others injured, as the result of a white supremacist running them down in a car. In addition, two police officers were killed in a helicopter crash while monitoring the protest and more people required treatment in other skirmishes.

Most people condemned the actions by the hate group and one of those was MLB pitcher Sean Doolittle. The Charlottesville riot hits close to home for Doolittle. Doolittle pitches for the Washington Nationals, so he’s in the city that’s the home of the federal government. In addition, Doolittle went to school at the University of Virginia, where the riot took place.




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