New Book About Baylor Details Lack Of Drug Testing

Baylor University has gone through a lot over the past couple years due to how it handled the massive sexual assault scandal involving its football team. The scandal was so big, a book is being written about it.

The book, titled Violated, was written by ESPN reporters Paula Lavigne and Mark Schlabach. Violated is scheduled to be released by Center Street Books on August 22nd.

While one can assume a lot more about the scandal that wasn’t previously known will be revealed in the book when it’s released, some new developments are already emerging. One big new piece of information that has come out doesn’t have anything to do with sexual assault.

According to ESPN, Violated makes it clear that due to how coaches and school administrators handled the scandal, the school didn’t perform random drug testing for student-athletes. The purpose of the testing is to make sure student-athletes aren’t using marijuana or other recreational drugs.


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