WATCH: 5-0 To The Rescue After Sean Locks Handcuffs To His Own Wrist

We can't make this up!!  Sean Roberts had to call Heather last night so she could send 5-0 to Sean's rescue to release him from handcuffs...that he'd locked to his own wrist.  Here's some FAQ:

Why did Sean do this?  His roommate said his wrist was "too fat" for the cuffs to fit.  Sean had to show him they weren't.

Did he even check to see if the handcuffs could be unlocked before snapping it closed? Obviously not.

Where did they come from?  Sean's roommates left them on his desk for him and this is what happened.

Were they real handcuffs?  5-0 says while the DMPD wouldn't use them, they were "real enough" that the key to his handcuffs worked to unlock them.

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