Required Reading: CW's Pick 3 for 8-21

Your "Pick 3" for Monday, August 21...

--- Courtesy of The Comeback, two Iowa State games and one Iowa game are listed as "trap games" for bigtime opponents in 2017.

--- Bryan Curtis from The Ringer says that Mayweather vs. McGregor is the "feel bad fight of the century."

A teaser: "Every so often, a boxing match comes along that just feels wrong. The matchup is a farce. The media is queasy about one or both of the fighters. And the marketing is commoditized scumminess; let’s say, to pick an example, a white combatant commands a black combatant to “dance for me, boy!” Yet the fight is such an alluring content machine that reporters can’t not cover it, so they go in with a meta, “Hell, let’s do it” attitude that eventually morphs into something like a full-on embrace. This describes Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor, the feel-bad fight of the century.

--- Three College Football darkhorses according to College Football Talk. One from the Big Ten, one from the Big 12 and another from the Midwest. 

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