Required Reading: CW's "Pick 3" for 8-23

Here you go, your "Pick 3" for Wednesday, Aug. 23. 

--- From Bill Reiter of, yesterday's "megatrade" between the Celtics and Cavs really just proves once again how everything revolves around LeBron. Also, it's make or break time for Kyrie. 

--- Courtesy of David Purdum at ESPN, the history of Floyd Mayweather and sports betting. He's got a history of betting big, just not on himself. 

--- A great read on Jon "Bones" Jones from David Shoemaker of the Ringer. I liked this clip: 

Sometimes the narrative in a combat career reads like a fairy tale: Young man overcomes disadvantage, unlikely odds, and impossible physical toll to slay the dragon sitting atop the division and live happily ever after. More common these days is the comeback narrative: the tale of great success and then personal woe, followed by redemptive clash against both his opponent and his own demons.

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