Required Reading: CW's "Pick 3" for 10-11

Rick Pitino

Your Pick 3 for Wednesday, Oct. 11...

--- This whole college basketball recruiting scandal...Did these guys actually commit federal crimes? Here's a quick blurb from the Federalist. 

"The federal hook comes in because the coaches worked for institutions receiving federal funds and the individuals or funds involved traveled across state lines.

But even if a savvy prosecutor can fit the above reign of terror into a proper criminal indictment—with potentially decades in federal prison for those involved—why would he? Besides, doesn’t the venerable Federal Bureau of Investigation have better things to do with its time?"

--- A good read for a soccer novice like myself here from Yahoo's Dan Wetzel. It isn't a "bigger, faster, stronger" problem for the United States. It's a commitment/strategy problem. 

--- Who will get Connor McGregor's next fight? --- The Ringer 

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