Is It Time For A Woman In the Monday Night Football Booth?

With Jon Gruden now gone and getting paid a disgusting amount of money to be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, ESPN now has a vacancy to fill inside their Monday Night Football announcing booth.

Talk of potential candidates to replace Gruden in the booth has consisted of everyone from Peyton Manning to Tim Tebow to Bruce Arians. All would probably be fine choices to join Sean McDonough as part of the broadcast team, but there’s one aspect that each of the potential candidates share with one another.

All of them are men.

Now let’s not get all crazy and think this is about to be some super over-the-top, pro-feminist argument about how girls rule and boys drool. But it should not be that crazy of an idea to think that a woman could do a very good job as part of the Monday Night Football announce team.


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