REPORT: Larry Eustachy to be Fired by Colorado State

Former Iowa State Basketball Coach and current Head Coach at Colorado State Larry Eustachy will reportedly be fired today.

From the Denver Post:

"Larry Eustachy’s tenure as Colorado State’s men’s basketball coach is over, according to a source with knowledge of the university’s decision.

CSU intends to terminate the coach’s contract based on Eustachy violating the zero tolerance policy he previously received regarding his abusive behavior toward players and staff, according to the source, who has direct knowledge of the school’s current investigation.

“We can’t give a guy a zero-tolerance policy in 2014, have the conduct continue in 2018 and then just give him another warning,” the source said.

Eustachy, who was put on a paid leave of absence last Saturday, has been the subject of an investigation by the CSU athletic department designed to assess the culture of the program. Athletic director Joe Parker, deputy director Steve Cottingham and compliance director Shalini Shanker interviewed players and staff members regarding Eustachy’s behavior over the past week. According to multiple team sources who requested anonymity due to fear of retaliation, Eustachy would single out players during practices and in the locker room at halftime of and after games and repeatedly scream profanities at them.

The only delay in completing the investigation, the source said, was setting up a meeting with Eustachy and his attorney. That meeting is expected to happen Friday with the contract termination coming in the days to follow."


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