The Story Behind Jason Kelce's Crazy Eagles Parade Costume

Bobby Coyle was practicing with the Avalon String Band on Tuesday night when he got a funny phone call from his wife, Libby.

“Do you happen to have a Mummer suit for someone who’s 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds?” she asked Coyle, who is the business manager and a member-at-large of the string band brigade. “Jason Kelce wants to wear one to the parade on Thursday.”

Mummers, who parade down Broad Street every New Year’s Day in colorful costumes and put on elaborate performances in front of City Hall, are a staple in Philadelphia culture.

Kelce had been chatting with his teammates about what to wear to the championship parade. While Chris Long opted for a fur coat and an Allen Iverson jersey, Kelce wanted something that was colorful and unique to the city.


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