Sportswriter's Mom Correctly Picks Final Four Thanks To Bob Newhart

At ESPN, where upwards of 17.3 million people filled out brackets as part of the annual Tournament Challenge, just 550 managed to nail the Final Four of Loyola, Michigan, Villanova, and Kansas. That’s .003 percent of all participants.

One of them is my mom, Brenda Rigdon.

It’s always hard to pick the Final Four. This year, it seemed especially hard thanks to Loyola. What made you decide to pick them?

Well, a couple of things. I read the New York Times online every day because our little town doesn’t really have a real newspaper. And I think it was in the New York Times, they had a little article about March Madness that was something like “Here are Cinderella teams if you’re filling out a bracket,” and Loyola was one of them. And the reason I picked Loyola out of those teams was, and this is really weird, but you’ve known me a long time: Bob Newhart.


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