Would You Drink A Peeps Flavored Beer?

Marshmallow Peeps have worked their way into a wide variety of weird foods over the years, from pizza to Oreos, and now it seems they’re coming to beer. As Melissa Locker writes at Fast Company, Texas brewers have come up with a purple, glittery Peeps-flavored sour ale:

The beer makers at Fort Worth’s The Collective Brewing Project–who previously brought the world ramen-flavored beer–have teamed up with Lone Star Taps and Caps bar for a beer that pairs perfectly with Easter ham. Called Peep This Collab, the beer is a sour ale brewed with Peeps, vanilla, and butterfly pea flower (which is the same magical plant that Starbucks is using to turn its drinks into Instagram-worthy creations). As if drinking a purple beer wasn’t festive enough, the brewers also threw in some edible glitter to make it really sparkle.

The head brewer told the Dallas Morning News that the beer is “marshmallow-y” and “lightly tart”. No word, however, on whether it is also “hoppy.”


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