WATCH: HBO's "Paterno" Trailer Previews Saturday Night Premiere

Is HBO’s Paterno good?

Yes. It’s definitely not in the top tier of HBO original films, but it’s pretty good. I had some concern this might be a rare HBO project that fell flat on its face, but that’s not the case here. It’s a solid film that will probably get lost in the shuffle with all the other amazing work HBO puts out, but would definitely stand out as a success at other networks.

Is it fair?

I’d say so, although I’m sure many diehard Paterno loyalists (as well as many still disgusted with the handling of the Jerry Sandusky scandal) will take issue with the film, thinking it is either too condemning or not condemning enough. I think the culpability of Paterno and others was portrayed pretty fairly in the film. However, there are a few scenes that sway the film away from being a tad bit sympathetic to Paterno to insinuating Paterno’s shortcomings intervening were more significant than what’s portrayed throughout the majority of the film.




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