NY Times: Redskins Cheerleaders Forced To Pose Nude, Entertain Clients

The New York Times has been all over the topic of NFL cheerleaders and the treatment they’ve received over the years from the league and its teams. In their breakout story from early April, they delved into how grossly underpaid these women are relative to the time they’re forced to commit to their jobs and duties. The story is a rundown of ways that NFL teams demean cheerleaders by forcing them into situations where they are inherently subjugated to sexual comments and lewd behavior.

Digging deeper into this mess, the New York Times returned to the topic on Wednesday with a new story about the inappropriate treatment of (Redskins cheerleaders) while on a 2013 photo shoot in Costa Rica.

According to the report, the Redskins took the cheerleaders’ passports from them upon arrival before sending them on a photo shoot where things got even creepier and grosser.


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