37 Year Old Kyle Korver Schooled 21 Year Old Jaylen Brown Last Night

What’s going on here? Just what the heck is this?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are suddenly tied 2-2 in their Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Celtics, this after losing the first two games of the series. 

Please try to recall just how shockingly pathetic the Cavs played in Game 2, when all five guys on the court spent most of the second half just standing around like they were waiting for a bus. 

And then Games 3 and 4 happened, and Cleveland looks like a completely different team. Last night was nuts—Cavs players were suddenly flying around both ends of the court and just straight up beating the Celtics with their pace and energy. Cavs were fighting through screens. Celtics shooters were getting mugged off the ball. Every rebound was contested. Kyle Korver—Kyle Korver!—was out there blocking shots.


Korver's coach doesn't even know how old he is:

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