The Great Athlete "Bad Tweets" Purge Is Upon Us...Finally

If we’ve learned anything in recent weeks it’s that the second you become relevant to a national audience, someone is going to check your Twitter history to see what kind of racist and homophobic shit you’ve been up to.

You might remember Villanova’s tournament star Donte DiVincenzo for what he did on the court or you might remember his racist tweets that surfaced soon after. Josh Allen watched as a bunch of racist tweets from his younger days were unearthed just before the NFL Draft. Brewers pitcher Josh Hader got in some pretty hot water (before getting a standing ovation in Milwaukee) for racist and homophobic tweets he made when he was 17. After Atlanta pitcher Sean Newcomb almost threw a no-hitter, a whole slew of shitty tweets from his recent past resurfaced as well. Then, some nasty tweets from Washington Nationals shortstop Trea Turner surfaced as well.


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