The "Fire Joe Maddon" Rumors Gain Steam As Cubs Postseason Ends

OMG...just look at the stories, the conjecture, the panic. Let's start with this salty, bitter nugget from the Chicago Tribune:

Welcome to Choketober, when losing jobs follows losing playoff baseball games.

It was supposed to be Cubtober. It has been Cubtober since 2015. It certainly was Cubtober in 2016.

But Cubtober became Choketober on Tuesday after the Cubs blew the National Leaguewild-card game at home to the Rockies.

Actually, Cubtober became Choketober on Monday, when the Cubs blew the NL Centraltiebreaker at home to the Brewers.

Any other opponents want to celebrate in Wrigley Field? Hey, you never know, it could become a new revenue stream for the Cubs. Maybe they could buy some hitting.

Because they need some. They couldn’t hit down the stretch. They couldn’t hit well enough to protect a five-game lead in September. They couldn’t hit well enough to win a tiebreaker. They couldn’t hit well enough to win the wild card against a team that was playing its third game in a third time zone for a third straight day.


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