The Marlins Have A New Logo And New Uniforms....AGAIN

The 25 years of the Marlins’ existence has been a demonstration of a team that doesn’t know what it is or wants to be. So it’ll try again, with its third rebrand in a quarter of a century, including new colors, a new logo, and four new uniforms.

The franchise launched in 1993 with teal, very South Florida but also very 1990s. Perhaps it’s because the franchise’s glory days came in teal, but that uniform and color scheme has quietly become, in retrospect, borderline iconic. (We can acknowledge that while also realizing the look was very of-its-time, and probably would not be so warmly thought-of if it were still around.) In 2011 the team rebranded as the Miami Marlins, and a new color scheme that featured orange and black as dominant colors. Those uniforms were every bit as anonymous and forgettable as the vast majority of the teams wearing them.


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