The Cubs Committed Six (6) Errors Last Night

The Cubs have not gotten off to the start anyone envisioned over the winter. They’re 1–3, having dropped a season-opening series to the Rangers, and having absorbed a deflating 8–0 loss to the Atlanta Braves Monday night. This is a vanishingly tiny sample size, and the Cubs were picked byvariousexpertsto winanywhere between 82 and 93 games, so most of what has happened so far should, for now, be chalked up to early season rust.

But oh, what wonderful rust! It may clear up tomorrow, who the hell knows, but certainly we can enjoy it in the meantime. Monday night the Cubs committedsix(6) errors, and allowedsix(6) unearned runs, and lost in Atlanta by the score of 8–0. It was one of the ugliest Cubs performances in living memory:




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