Iowa Takes On The Jordan Bohannon "Rug Controversy", Makes It Worse

On Sunday,The Wall Street Journal published a piece about the hottest piece of swag at the 2019 NCAA Tournament. It wasn’t a t-shirt. It wasn’t an autographed hat either. It wasn’t even anything to do with Zion Williamson.

It was a rug. Specifically, a rug on the floor of every team locker room during the tournament. The black mat with March Madness written across it isn’t anything special, but it seemed to go missing in multiple locker rooms after the coaches and players had vacated.

At least one stolen mat’s perpetrator identified themselves right away. Jordan Bohannon, a junior guard for the Iowa Hawkeyes, responded to a WSJ tweet about the story with a photo of his appropriated mat and a warning to the NCAA if they come looking for it.

‘Give us the ability to make money off our own name and we’ll give you your rug back. You have 24 hours, @NCAA.” A tongue in cheek blackmail attempt for sure, but also, a fair critique about the fact that Bohannon and his teammates probably just generated millions of dollars for the NCAA and their school and will see a mere pittance of that value returned to them.

Even if all he was able to take from the tournament was the rug, well, at least it really ties the room together.


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