WATCH: Is This A Save Or A Goal? (It Happened At The Final Horn)

Wednesday’s game between the Cup-hopeful Lightning and the somehow-not-dead-yet Penguins came down to the final seconds, twice. Victor Hedman scored on a power-play slapper with 56.4 seconds left to give Tampa the lead, and then, with, oh, just about 0.3 seconds left,somethinghappened on the goal line.

Amid a huge scramble in front, Kris Letang took a final shot in the final ticks, and Andrei Vasilevskiy may or may not have gotten his glove on it before it crossed the goal line. You tell me. Except you can’t! Because no one knows. Part of Vasilevskiy’s glove was over the line, but it is epistemologically unknowable where the puck was within the glove.


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