ROBERTS REPORT: White Sox About To Hire Pedro Gifoli

A blog not for everyone, but for some here we go.

On Tuesday reports started coming out (Buster Olney of ESPN reported it first) that the Chicago White Sox are going to hire Kansas City Royals Bench Coach Pedro Gifoli later this week. As someone who is actively involved in White Sox twitter and has a pretty good pulse on how the fans are feeling I would say the reaction has been mixed. There's been a lot of "Who is this guy?" I even had that reaction.

I’ve seen a lot of people with hope strictly because it looks like the White Sox went through a process and didn’t just hire Jerry Reinsdorf’s buddy. I’ve seen the reaction of, "Holy crap, the Sox messed up again". At this point I’m good with whatever because it’s not Tony LaRussa.

The White Sox function differently than most professional sports franchises. Most teams in any sport have checks and balances when it comes to hiring managers or coaches. The White Sox and, to some extent, the Chicago Bulls, usually operate differently. The reason- Jerry Reinsdorf. There was a lot of speculation after Tony LaRussa announced he was walking away that the Sox would rehire Ozzie Guillen, who won them a World Series back in 2005. That would have been such a White Sox move.

BUT, they're going a different route and for that I’m happy. The questions will continue to pile up over the next few days like; If this guy is the guy, why did the Royals pass on him? That’s a great question and one the White Sox and fans will find out over the next coming years, either good or bad.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox

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