ROBERTS REPORT: Sup Season Is Back At The Knapp Center!

Sup Season is back at the Knapp Center!

Tonight tips off another year of Drake Men’s Basketball and another year of me being the “In Game Host”. I started back in the fall of 2019 and if you know anything about this Drake Bulldog team, some of the players also had their first season of Drake basketball in 2019 or even the year before. I’m talking about guys like Roman Penn, DJ Wilkins, and Garrett Sturtz...they've seemingly been around FOREVER between injuries and getting an extra year of eligibility because of COVID.

These three guys have been a huge part of the turnaround at Drake since Head Coach Darian DeVries took over back in 2018. It has been a joy to watch these guys and this team grow into what it is today, and that is the favorite to win the MVC. I haven’t even mentioned Darian’s son Tucker who, in my opinion, is and will be the best player in the conference.

It will be a fun year down at the Knapp center this season like it has been since I started there. If you come to a game…come say Sup!

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