ROBERTS: My Top 5 Fast Food Joints For National Fast Food Day

Happy National Fast Food day to you and yours!

For me, fast food these days is a rarity. I’ve been on a diet now for about two years. When I say diet I mean eating clean 4-5 days during the week with working out and what happens on the weekend happens. I used to love fast food. It was there for me when I was dirt poor and I didn’t know how to cook, or was too lazy. These days it’s usually only in emergencies, but to celebrate the day I’m going to list off my top 5 fast food places.

#5: McDonalds – Good when you are hungover the next day, and special shout out to the McFlurry.

#4: Burger King – Was a huge late night stop for me when I was at “The view”…Love the Chicken Sandwich

#3: Arbys – They have the meat…and phenomenal curly fries

#2: Sonic – This one's newer to me just because I really had never had it. My fiancé and I make a special stop every time we head down to Kansas now and the bacon cheeseburger is top notch and I can eat 32 OZ of ice cream in about 5 minutes.

#1: Taco Bell – Taco Bell is my go to when it comes to fast food. My favorite thing when I go to Taco Bell is free styling…Freestyling is pulling up to the Drive - Thru without a plan and just staring at the menu and listing off everything that sounds good. My total record one time was $28. Not too proud of that, but like I am. Try it sometime

Those are my Top 5 fast food places. What are yours?

Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot

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