RIM TIME WITH RENNER: Will KD, Steph Reunite? Tyrese Hunter Slays Gonzaga

And we are off and rimming. It was a busy day in basketball yesterday with action in the National Basketball Association and especially at the collegiate level. Just to quickly highlight what is happening with the NBA as the Warriors took on the Suns last night. Steph Curry had an offensive supernova, scoring 50 points for the 11th time in his career. Despite his offensive output the warriors lost 130-119. Why does this matter? It matters because… and I kid you not… People are calling for Kevin Durant to return to the bay area. The nightmare which is KD and Steph on the same team is not only being teased amongst sports media pundits, but it is a REAL POSSIBILITY.

The Warriors certainly have the pieces to complete the trade and Kevin Durant asked for a trade during the offseason. In no way is this a good trade for the NBA world, any semblance of parity that basketball fans have been enjoying for the past four years would dissolve like snow. 

Moving onto the NCAA, the Texas Longhorns enjoyed an upset last night against the Gonzaga Bulldogs. This was off the back of 26 points from former Cyclone, Tyrese Hunter. And this has got to sting… like really bad if you are an Iowa State fan. Tyrese has fully moved on from the 'clones and is thriving with the Longhorns. What could have been…

But don’t look too sad fellow Iowa State fans! We get to enjoy Omaha Billiew in Hilton Coliseum next year! That is if he doesn’t transfer to a larger program after a year… But that is the nature of sports! You win some, you lose some. 

Gonzaga v Texas

Photo: Getty Images

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