DRIVE DEBATE: Our Top Five Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

CALEB: So we have already established that Thanksgiving is the best holiday. But the real question is… What are the top 5 best foods served at Thanksgiving? I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, and remember, as much as Heather and Sean will tell you otherwise, my list is the right list. 

5. Turkey. This is obvious and it is sacrilegious to not include it on your list. Turkey is the staple of the holiday and if cooked right, can be the foundation of the entire Thanksgiving meal. 

4. Sweet Potato Casserole. In particular the casserole made with marshmallows on top. The sweet potatoes mixed with fluffy melted marshmallows on top is a holy combination that cannot be denied on turkey day.

3. Cranberry Wine. I used to sneak glasses of cranberry wine in my cup as a kid. The thrill of getting buzzed as a 13 year old created memories that I will never ever forget. 

2. Green Bean Casserole. Easily, this dish is at the forefront of my plate. Typically the first thing gone on the table. Grandma Chris and Grandma Janelle know how to make some delicious green bean casserole. 

1.The memories we make along the way. No dish is bettered served than with friends and family. So in a way the best meal at the dinner table on thanksgiving is the comradery and memories of family. 

HEATHER: While Thanksgiving is indeed a kick-ass holiday, we haven't established it as the "best holiday". That's Christmas, for me because the decorations are so much prettier than any other holiday. I absolutely LOVE cranberry wine. Iowa winery Tassel Ridge makes the "Osky Fizzante" cranberry sparkling wine that's become my favorite this time of year, but it's wine so it's not on my food list. Caleb...sweet potato casserole with marshmallows shouldn't crack any top 5, unless you're talking about desserts. Too sweet for me, I like crispy, salty sweet potato fries and chips. I also think who we spend the holidays with is more important than any food or gift there is. Having said that, here are the REAL best Thanksgiving foods:

5: Turkey. The foundation on which the best Thanksgiving meal is built on. Smoke the turkey, deep fry it, or bake it in the oven, as long as it's nice and juicy it's absolutely the BEST, and that SMELL coming from the oven...delish! Screw it up (like overcooking it, a la "Christmas Vacation") and it's a dry nightmare that may only be saved by the next food on my list...

4. Mashed potatoes AND gravy. Yes, I'm putting two food together because on Thanksgiving, they are always together on my plate. My mom makes the best turkey gravy, and it's so simple, even though making good gravy does take some time and attention to stir it constantly until it's done.

3. Pumpkin pie. Cannot believe this isn't on Caleb's list! I loved it so much as a kid, one year I asked for a pumpkin pie for my birthday instead of cake. There's a picture of a smiling me, pumpkin pie alit with candles.

2. Cheesy potatoes. You're probably thinking "Exactly how much potato do you need, Heather?" On Thanksgiving there's always room on my plate for both cheesy and mashed potatoes. The cheesy potatoes are excellent leftovers, even for breakfast the following morning. And they're so simple to make, it's become the dish I can bring to almost any gathering.

1. Green bean casserole. This seems to be a controversial take. Either you love it, or hate it. Hubby HATES it, and only put a tiny portion on his plate our first few Thanksgivings together because he didn't want to insult my favorite dish. But for me, green bean casserole IS the holidays. It's about the only time of year I eat it. And it's the punchline of a holiday story for my mom's side of the family. One year my aunt Jan had both ovens going for the holidays, and the bottom oven was rarely used except for big meals. Fast forward about 4 weeks later, and we were all gathered in the kitchen wondering where a strange, bad smell was coming from...when we discovered Jan's green bean casserole still in the oven. Even after smelling 4 week old, rotting GBC, it's still my Thanksgiving favorite.

SEAN: (too busy watching the Drake game to explain his choices) 5. Turkey 4. Stuffing 3. Green bean casserole 2. Pumpkin pie 1. Mashed potatoes

Crowds Gather For Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

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