Colin Cowherd Creates Hollywood Movie Posters For Every Super Bowl Matchup

Colin Cowherd: “So the NFL conference championship games are this weekend, and when you get to these ‘BIG’ games networks always try to have this ‘theme’ that you’re branding, just like if it was on the History Channel, Hulu, or Fox. Big shows have themes and titles, and we thought let’s do the movie poster thing. We do this about once a year…”

Watch Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor release the Hollywood movie poster of every matchup left in both conference championship games and four potential Super Bowl matchups.

NFC Championship – Tampa Bay Bucs vs Green Bay Packers: ‘NOT GRUMPY OLD MEN’ (Grumpy Old Men)

AFC Championship – Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs: ‘BILL’S AND BIG RED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE’ (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

Potential Super Bowl Matchup 1 – Bucs vs. Chiefs: ‘MISSION TOM-POSSIBLE’ (Mission Impossible)

Potential Super Bowl Matchup 2 – Bucs vs. Bills: ‘THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING’ (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)

Potential Super Bowl Matchup 3 – Bills vs. Packers: ‘GOOD BILL HUNTING' (Good Will Hunting)

Potential Super Bowl Matchup 4 – Packers vs. Chiefs: ‘PACK TO THE FUTURE’ (Back to the Future)

Check out the hilarious segment above.

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