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Iowa Wolves Release 2019-2020 Schedule

Iowa Wolves Release 2019-20 Season Schedule

Season opener scheduled against Sioux Falls on Nov. 8 at Wells Fargo Arena

Des Moines, Iowa – The Iowa Wolves today announced the release of the team’s 2019-20 season schedule, including 24 home games at Wells Fargo Arena. The team will begin the season at home for the fourth consecutive season with a matchup against the Sioux Falls Skyforce on Friday, Nov. 8. The full Wolves regular season schedule is available for download in a PDF here.

“We’re excited to begin our third season in Des Moines as the Iowa Wolves,” said Iowa Wolves President Ryan Grant. “This year’s schedule gives our fans 24 opportunities to see the highest level of professional basketball in Iowa.”

This season’s schedule includes a season-long, eight-game homestand from Dec. 13 - Jan. 6 featuring contests against Maine, Sioux Falls, Oklahoma City, Rio Grande Valley (twice), Northern Arizona and Memphis (twice). The Wolves will open the season with 13 consecutive games against Western Conference opponents. Iowa will host defending NBA G League Champion Rio Grande Valley for two home games on Dec. 27 and Dec. 29.

Wolves fans may purchase season memberships or partial ticket plans at or by calling (515) 564-8550. Single-game tickets will be made available to the public at a date to be announced later.

Key Facts About the Wolves 2018-19 Schedule

·By month, the schedule breaks down as follows: November (six home, four away = 10 total), December (six home, two away = eight total), January (four home, six away = 10 total), February (four home, six away = 10 total), March (four home, six away = 10 total).

·By day, the schedule breaks down as follows: Monday (four home, three away = seven total), Tuesday (two home, two away = four total), Wednesday (five home, seven away = 12 total), Thursday (zero home, three away = three total), Friday (five home, two away = seven total), Saturday (five home, seven away = 12 total), Sunday (three home, zero away = three total). 

·The Wolves enjoy one eight-game homestand: Dec. 13 - Jan. 6 (Maine, Sioux Falls, Oklahoma City, Rio Grande Valley twice, Northern Arizona and Memphis twice) and one five-game homestand: Nov. 13 - 22 (Salt Lake City, Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario, Texas, South Bay and Austin).

·The Wolves will play six back-to-backs: three home-and-home and three road-and-road.

·Iowa will play each Midwest Division opponent four times (two home, two away) and each Western Conference opponent at least three times. The Wolves will battle five Eastern Conference opponents (MNE, LAK, GBO, ERI, WES).

Wolves 2018-19 Opponent Breakdown

Midwest Division: Memphis (Home: Jan. 4, Jan. 6; Away: Nov. 11, March 16); Oklahoma City (Home: Dec. 12, Dec. 17; Away: Feb. 29, March 18); Sioux Falls (Home: Nov. 8, Dec. 14; Away: Feb. 5, March 28).

Pacific Division:Agua Caliente (Home: Nov. 15, Feb. 1; Away: Jan. 9, Feb. 13); Northern Arizona (Home: Jan. 1; Away: Nov. 26, March 4); Santa Cruz (Home: Jan. 15, March 8; Away: Nov. 29, Feb. 12); Stockton (Home: Feb. 10, March 25; Away: Nov. 30, Jan. 11); South Bay (Home: Nov. 20, Feb. 23 ; Away: Jan. 8).

Southwest Division: Austin (Home: Nov. 22, March 23; Away: Dec. 7); Rio Grande Valley (Home: Dec. 27, Dec. 29; Away: Dec. 10, March 11); Salt Lake City (Home: Nov. 13; Away: Feb. 19, March 6); Texas (Home: Nov. 16, March 21; Away: Feb. 8).

Atlantic Division: Maine (Home: Dec. 13); Westchester (Home: Feb. 4).

Central Division: None

Southeast Division: Greensboro (Away: Jan. 20); Erie (Away: Jan. 23); Lakeland (Away: Jan. 18)

*The NBA G League Showcase will announce two additional 2019-20 regular season games at a later date. All dates and times are subject to change.

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