Peter Jok In Studio With Murph and Andy

Peter Jok took a break from working out for NBA teams to join Murph and Andy in studio and talk about a very cool fundraiser he's a part of. LISTEN: 

Here are more details about what Jok is doing:

How much fun would it be for an Iowa basketball fan to face off in a shooting competition with Peter Jok? Or a Badger fan to take on Bronson Koenig?  Or a UCLA fan to go 1-on-1 with Bryce Alford?  

Peter Jok and Dau, his brother, have planned a really interesting and interactive fundraiser to support the Dut Jok Youth Foundation, focused on educational scholarships and raising $100,000 to build a library in their homeland of South Sudan. They are devoted to helping others that may not have been given the opportunities they have had and started the foundation in memory of their father, who was killed during Sudan’s Second Civil War.

The first stage of the fundraiser, ending June 3, involves Peter Jok (Iowa), Bryce Alford (UCLA) and Bronson Koenig (Wisconsin) reaching out to fans to support them as they compete in a 3-point contest against each other. In the second stage, beginning June 5, anyone will have the opportunity to compete in a real life 3-point competition against all three superstars, a $5 donation for each challenge, through the Get Buckets Live App. The game play is real, but the action takes place through an App on your phone. No sitting back and watching it’s time to lace up the shoes and show us what you got! All proceeds go to the Dut Jok Youth Foundation.

Peter plans to kick-off the event with a FREE meet-n-greet/ autograph session at Valley Community Center in West Des Moines at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 26. Peter is welcoming any interested people to come out and learn more about Peter and Dau’s inspirational story and this very original event.

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