A Tigerhawk is Coming to Kinnick's 50 Yard Line


The  nationally-recognized University of Iowa Tigerhawk logo, which has  served as the national brand logo for Hawkeye athletics since 1979, will  be featured at midfield in Kinnick Stadium when the Hawkeyes open the  2017 season on Sept. 2, against Wyoming.


The  playing surface in Kinnick Stadium will feature an Iowa logo for the  first time since the conclusion of the 1980 football season, as the Tigerhawk will be installed at midfield when the new FieldTurf is put in place in the coming weeks.


The  Tigerhawk logo will be black with gold trim, and will face north to  south between the 45-yardlines, so that television cameras will show the  logo facing left to right. The Kinnick Stadium playing surface is being  replaced this summer as part of the first phase of the Kinnick Edge  project, which will see the entire north end zone stands replaced  following the 2017 season.


Fans who would like to get a glimpse of the Kinnick Stadium turf removal and installation can watch the live webcam on hawkeyesports.com/swarm17. The webcam is live and will be active throughout the process.


“The  passion for the Tigerhawk is amazing. Wherever you go in the state,  across the country, or throughout the world, when you wear the logo on  your shirt,  a friendly ‘GO HAWKS’ shout is inevitable,” said Gary  Barta, UI director of athletics. “The current Kinnick Stadium renovation  provided an opportunity to add the Tigerhawk to the field. It will  provide another great touch to an already iconic stadium.”


The  stadium playing surface has not had a University logo since a block “I”  adorned the center of the field from 1972 through 1980. Artificial turf  was first installed prior to the 1972 season and the block “I”appeared  at midfield until a new surface was installed prior to the 1981 season,  without a logo at midfield.


With  the Tigerhawk at midfield, the north end zone will now feature the  familiar IOWA, without the Tigerhawk.  The south end zone will continue  to display “Hawkeyes” and will not change. The end zone surface will  remain black, with the lettering in each end zone in gold featuring the  Hawkeye Font of Iowa Athletics. Also in the Hawkeye Font will be the  yard line numbers on the east and west side of the field.

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