ROBERTS REPORT: Beggar's Night Sucks

Beggars Night Sucks

Every year since I’ve lived in Iowa I find myself getting aggravated about the fact that this state, or I guess city, celebrates Halloween not on Halloween. I sit here Monday October 31st knowing that the entire city trick or treated last night Kids got dressed up, parents got dressed up and now we are already done with Halloween before Halloween. It’s always been weird to me and I hate it.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so maybe it’s why it means more, but growing up in the burbs of Chicago there was nothing better than going to school that day dressed up and pillow case in the back pack. There were Halloween parades at school, candy all day long, teachers and staff dressed up. It was an all-day event! Then after a day of fun at school you would get off the bus and go directly to trick or treating because it would go from 3PM – 7PM.

I was told by one parent their kid celebrated Halloween on Friday last week (!!!) What are we doing here? Could you not just wait until Monday and celebrate on the actual holiday? No you can’t, because everyone celebrates Halloween before actual Halloween.

Beggars night is the worst. Halloween deserves better.

(Here's Sean dressed up NOT on Halloween)

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