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Three Reasons Why the 76ers Need to Get Rid of James Harden ASAP

Colin Cowherd: “James Harden is now a three. I like James Harden and I think Philadelphia won the trade – they had to get Ben Simmons out of town and who gives a rip about late-first round draft picks – but here is the issue with Harden... He’s eligible for a 4-year extension for $230 million, potentially $270 million. Does it sound like a great idea to pay a fortune to an enigmatic and declining player? Daryl Morey loves Harden so my guess is that they will pay him, but I don’t think it’s the answer. I would move off Harden. Here are the three reasons I would move off him… Number One: What did you really lose in the trade? Ben Simmons?? A backup center? Irrelevant draft picks, and a rotational player? You didn’t really give up anything and by getting Simmons out of the room you won the trade. At least Harden players. Number Two is: look at the construct of your team without Harden, it’s fantastic. You have a superstar -- how many of those are in the league, six? You have an emerging star in Maxey, that kid is a rocket. You have an athletic three in Tobias Harris who can get you 20 points in any night. And you have an elite defender in Thybulle. You’ve got size, defense, a superstar, and complementary pieces WITHOUT James Harden. Number Three is: you’ve been watching these NBA Playoffs like I am; what do Miami, Milwaukee, Golden State, and Phoenix have? GREAT chemistry. Tell me a James Harden team that ever had great chemistry. He’s his own guy. It’s hard to build great chemistry when James Harden is your second guy. We’re witnessing what is winning in these playoffs –  CHEMISTRY. If you sign James Harden you’re going to be trapped. You’re going to have no bench and average flexibility. Athletes that don’t take meticulous care of their bodies, i.e. Harden, you wanna lock yourself into 4-5 more years of that? Injured players and closing nightclub players, I’m not locking myself in for five more years. He can’t beat guys off the dribble and he can’t get around guys. Thirty-two years old as a pro athlete, like Cam and Westbrook, if there is any neglect with your body you go off a cliff.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Sixers must part ways with James Harden this offseason, as the 32-year-old is coming off his worst statistical season in a decade for a Philadelphia team who expected Harden to be a superstar alongside Joel Embiid for Philly to end their championship drought.

Check out the video above as Colin lists three reasons why Philadelphia is in a formidable position to dump the former MVP as soon as possible.

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