Required Reading: Chris' daily "Pick 3"

Since starting a daily show on KXnO a little over two years ago, one thing I have come to do A LOT of when it comes to show prep is reading. It is a 24-7 process, really. If you listen to Ross and me, you know that ANYTHING is fair game on "Fanatics." Most of the time, these links will be sports related, but I'm sure I will mix politics and pop culture in as well. 

New feature: Every day (mostly every day as some days get busier than others with Cyclone Fanatic), I will post three "must-reads" that I came across that day. We will often times talk about them on the show too, so it will help you be more prepared as a listener. 

Sound good? Today's links are...

--- Tupac, Glocks and In and Out: Bleacher Report's Jeff Pearlman pulled this story about a high school football team that ran into Tupac on the night he was murdered of nowhere and it is absolutely fascinating. 

--- Stewart Mandell from FOX runs down college football's pecking order. He has Nebraska falling and Iowa ranked lower than most fans will probably appreciate. 

--- Ross and I talked about this New York Times feature on Jimmy Fallon at length on Wednesday. If you missed it, I suggest reading and then listening back to the end of our 5 o'clock hour via the podcast. 

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