Required Reading: CW's "Pick 3" for 6/13/17

Your "Pick 3" for Tuesday, June 13...

--- Backlash from last night's Warriors Game 5 victory over the Cavs.... Jonathan Tjarks from The Ringer writes: 

"The Warriors are the best thing to happen to LeBron. For as long as they stay together, and as long as LeBron has the physical ability to hang with them, he will have the opportunity to knock off one of the greatest teams of all time, and no one can reasonably hold it against him if he fails. Golden State gives LeBron a late-career challenge worthy of a player of his stature, something Jordan never had. James has a goal he can work toward, one where success is at least a concrete possibility instead of a hypothetical."

More on why the Warriors will fuel Lebron, HERE.

--- I am fascinated by this Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones interview that it set to air on Sunday night and the backlash that it is receiving. Right or wrong? As a journalist, I actually kind of see Kelly's point here. Still, should she be giving that crazy man a voice? Ross and I will discuss later today.  

--- Did Dennis Rodman really get an American prisoner released from North Korea? Is this real?

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