Dirt Track Racer Logan Seavey Has The Ultimate Crash-Avoidance Move

The most impressive drive of this weekend didn’t come in a sports car race or in the rain at Watkins Glen, it was on a dirt track in Pennsylvania as one driver went to extreme measures to avoid crashing into a fellow competitor.

Logan Seavey, a 21-year-old dirt track racer, is the current USAC National Midget points leader and if he wins the championship this year, this move may be what won him the title. Hanging out in the middle of the top five, Seavey encountered a spun out Spencer Bayston and had nowhere to go. Usually when racers have nowhere to go, they have no choice but to drive into the wrecked car and your race ends. Instead, Seavey went all Men in Black with it and drove his car on the catch fence to avoid a wreck and was able to continue.


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